For information on booking a show at Pegasus, please contact:

What We Book:

Coffee House Music:

Lots of the music is acoustic based, but not all of it... much is folk and country in flavor... non-gimmicky vocals... "Americana" because it is great foot-tapping stuff, but not stomping or head-banger music.

It's a personal sound, and definitely not arena-rock. It's better suited for a lively listen, rather than for background music.

Currently we are only book mantinees on Sunday. We are a small cafe bar that is also open for people to eat, drink and otherwise socialize. If you would be bothered by coffee and bar noises as well as people socializing, then we would suggest another venue. Regardless, there is no built-in draw. Pegasus serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with beer, wine and cocktails available, though it retains the all-ages, family-friendly coffeehouse atmosphere. The dining room seats approximately 20 people with another 20 or so on the outside terrace.

How You Should Contact Us:

Ideally, the best way to contact us is through e-mail. Send your website link, dates you are looking for, and contact info to:

We will get back to you when we have something available that we think will work. Response times vary depending on our workload, your patience is appreciated.

Save your time and money and e-mail us. Unsolicited physical press kits end up in a big pile and we very rarely have time to check them all out. Press kits that are dropped off rather than mailed are even less likely to make it to the right place. It is much easier and less messy for us to check out a band online. (Plus, your ability to follow our guidelines also goes a long way.)

The Way We Can Do Business:

  1. Always include your complete Contact Information with any communication: -your name -your position within the band organization -phone number -any relevant website links -your e-mail address
  2. If you do mail us something, all materials submitted become our property. Accepting your demo does not constitute a guarantee or promise of return contact or actual bookings.
  3. Please do NOT come to the shop in person and expect to discuss booking without having an appointment.
  4. If you've already submitted a package and wish to follow up, the best way to do so is by email.

Sound System & Stage

The space works very well without amplification, but we do suggest a boost on voices and guitar with our 4 channel PA system with 2 SM-58 microphones, and all necessary cables and stands. You will set it up, plug in, and adjust your own levels. If you need more than two microphones, please bring your own, or contact us in advance. If you travel with your own sound system, you can use that instead. 'Stage' Setup: You will play in front of the window seat area. There is no elevated "stage". The space is small, about 9 feet wide and 5 feet deep, so no drum kits or large guitar amps are allowed, please.

Load-in time:

Set-up begins after 2:00 PM. Please be mindful of any seated customers who may already be there. Your courtesy will be much appreciated. We do have signs that alert those seated in the "stage" area to vacate by 2:00 PM. Advance Advertising: We can make and hang posters at Pegasus for one week before your show. In order to make a poster for you, we need two things:

  1. High resolution publicity photo of you in .jpg format.
  2. One-line description of the kind of music that you do.

If you have your own posters that you want us to put up. Please send them to:

Pegasus Coffee House
231 Parfitt Way SW
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

If you have digital files of posters you would like us to use. Send them via email or disk. I can read, MS Publisher, as well as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, & Acrobat. We can print up to 11"x17".

We have a lighted marquee over the entrance and your name will appear there the entire week prior to your show. We also send out press releases to 3 local papers, and a weekly group e-mail to our customer base.

Show times:

2:30 - 4:00 PM unless otherwise specified.


The live music program is many years old now and is and has always been by donation only. (We rarely make exceptions.) We place a large glass tip jar near the musician(s) with a sign that says “Suggested Donation $5 to the Musician(s)”. Tips normally run between $20 - $80 per session. You keep all the tips.

Merchandize Sales: you can sell CDs Tee Shirts, etc. during your show and keep all profits.

Comps (Hospitality): each musician that is playing gets 1 free alcoholic beverage (if desired) and a free meal meant for musicians only. You also will be offered free coffee and soft drinks.

For information on booking a show at Pegasus, please contact:


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