The Parfitt Way Campaign Room
is a 20 person private event room available for parties, or business meetings. This versatile event space comes with a 52” Flat Screen TV, which can be used for power point presentations, slide shows, or on-line presentations. The Campaign Room also offers other amenities such as wireless Internet, a conference phone, easel, Pegasus Coffee, and Pellegrino sparkling water. Catering is available upon request. Please call 206-780-8232 to make an appointment and view the space.

Corporate Accounts
Coffee served during the 1700's was awful, but coffeehouse discourse among Volair, Diderot d'Alembert & Rousseau led to the creation of the Encycopédie, the first modern encyclopedia. If the "enlightened" minds did this well with heavily reboiled, sediment-laden coffee, just think what they could have accomplished with legendary Pegasus Coffee"

What coffee is in your break room?

Pegasus Coffee, the Island's best tasting roast, could inspire your staff to greatness. Let us sedan deliver it t your office today.

Corporate Accounts and Gift Cards Available
For your Meeting Room, Conference Room or Lobby
Paper cups, stirrers, sugar packets and half & half creamer included
Free Delivery on all Corporate Accounts!

12 Cup Recyclable Box of Brewed Pegasus Coffee
12 Cup Recyclable Box of Hot Water w/Tea Service.

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